A Very Big Artful Thank You!

Carol & James' "New Creations" February Update!

Dear friends, 

A heartfelt thank you to all of our customers, subscribers, and Facebook and Instagram followers for your ongoing support of us and our work as artists. 

In this month's "New Creations" update, we have included some of the comments and photos (15) that you have forwarded to us, showing our art "out in the world." As a small token of our gratitude, this promo code "ThankYou15" is for you when you place an order for our wearable and home accessories art and/or original paintings and photographic prints. Enjoy!

Artfully yours,

Carol & James


"My ('Bread & Roses') apron I got for Christmas from my sister is lovely. I will think about you every time I use it." - Shannon, Victoria, BC 

Charlene, Portsmouth, NH wrote: "We are currently in that deep freeze but staying cozy at home, baking and doing art with Maddie.  When we start getting ready for either activity Maddie says "I need my ('Golden Stream') apron!" 

Peggy, Calgary, AB in her 'Rainbow Energy' Patti Tunic.

"Catherine and Millie were out and about in their sassy 'Calm' and 'Golden Stream' Ava Ponchos on Saturday. Easy-care and easy to wear - these are our ‘forever garments’! We love wearing Carol’s art: her designs are unique and lovely, and they inevitably bring us a bunch of compliments. And we so love the simple style: it works with absolutely everything: dress-up, cool, jeans, casual... No regrets here!"
- Catherine, Dundas, ON and Millie, Calgary, AB

Margery, Vancouver BC in her 'Streaks of Colour' Mia Tunic.

“I’m delighted with my Carol Gordon 'Bread and Roses' ensemble. I can wear it anywhere!” - Sandy, Hoboken, NJ

"My pillows are very happy on my couch." - Pat, Kimberly, BC

'Lake Louise' pillow (Lake Louise collection) - Colleen, Invermere, BC

Sand Dunes, Yuma, Arizona (by JM) lives at Linda's, Calgary, AB

"I got it ('Bird of Paradise LA' by JM) at your Art Show at Winderberry and it just jumped out at me." - Linda, Vancouver Island, BC

From the Grandfather series - Galiano Island 2019 by JM - Audrey & Wayne, Cranbrook, BC

Kim & Scott, Calgary, AB stopped into Pynelogs, Invermere, BC to view Carol's solo exhibit in October 2021 and purchased the above painting. It was the last stop on their honeymoon and It reminded them of a hummingbird they saw while in Victoria.

"Our Lake Louise (by CG) is Amazing and brings us daily pleasure." - Bev, Invermere,, BC

Lake Louise by CG - Linda, Calgary, AB

"The Lake Louise pillow arrived this week. It's beautiful. I am loving having it in my home and seeing it daily. It evokes beautiful memories of our mountain trips and of my Mom and Dad. Thank you to the artist who created the image  and to those who crafted the pillow."
- Joan, Cochrane, BC  

"The tote bags are lovely! I ordered a Lake Louise one last week, from your website, to be sent as a gift to a friend in Florida."
- Susan, Calgary, AB

"Letting you know that Lake Louise (photographic art on acrylic) arrived and I love it! It is so peaceful - staring at it I feel as though I could fall into it. It’s perfect for my meditation spot in our bedroom."
- Sonya, Los Angeles, CA