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Took in Carol Gordon's show at Pynelogs this afternoon. Such a wonderful collection of watercolors and photography. - Jen Bewski

Intriguing, captivating, thought-provoking, dynamic, moving* Since her earliest photographs as a child, Carol Gordon has exhibited a rare ability to picture what she feels as much as what she sees. Her photography captures the living essence of her subject, whether landscape or being. Her paintings are alive with movement and ever-changing form, giving back to the viewer what they see in the art. Within the colour and line, one will find the fullness of earth, from inanimate ground and rock to living, breathing entities and a sense of the wind. Her artwork will dress up home, studio, office, or public space while providing calm even as they uplift and energize. - Shizu Futa

Your artwork is so beautiful and original. Both of you are blessed with talent. I'm going to try and show mine on an upcoming website...yours motivates me to do so!! - Fritzi Winnick, Painter


It is clear to me through your art that your creative connection goes deep. Your images, both paintings, and photos show a spiritual inner world you seek to understand and explain. Bravo to have the courage to pursue this path. - Theodore Fairhurst, Painter

Such talent you two have. Always love to view your work. Our Lake Louise piece is amazing and brings us daily pleasure. Cheers and best of the season to you both. -  Beverley Deck

Your website is awesome. I love your watercolours. - Spring Hawes

Terrific site and gorgeous art work. Love the Picasso quote which is so well represented in your art.  Also so interesting to read your very thorough bio. You and Jim are a great pair! – Sue Behrstock

Carol and Jim, I loved looking through your website! Carol, the softness of your watercolors is gentle and soothing and Jim, I was so drawn to the vibrant colors in the Mexico and Chinatown photos. Both of you capture the essence of nature in different ways. It's lovely to see yours (Carol)  and Jim's art and photos in one place, displayed so beautifully! Blessings to you both - Susan Letourneau


Great job on the website! It is nice to be able to see your passion and your talent together as a collection. Thanks for sharing your art and, through your art, your souls with us - you are both very much appreciated!! - Wayne Stetski

Carol and Jim, the beauty of your work reflects the beauty in your soul. Your collective creative spirit helps to brighten this tired world. - Baiba Morrow

Wow this is a fantastic website - good work! - Janice Cattolica


This is great - June Thomsen, Painter

Many thanks – terrific to see some of your work. - Nick Barr


Love this idea! Fabulous work! - Shannon & Steve Root


Lovely Carol.......thanks for sending this out seeing how you and Jim find ways to go forward together and to be able to share it round to so many of us. - Charleen Evans

Congratulations on your & Jim’s on-line gallery!   It seems like great way to exhibit both of your wonderful art works and to show a little photo history of your journey together. - Suzanne Parker, Photographer

Dear Carol & James, great to hear about your new website. Gorgeous paintings and incredible photos. We'd love to see more of your art in future. - Simone, Heiner, Tabea and Sarah from Namibia /Africa

Love it! - Louise Olinger

Great to see your work – Carol Haika


Congratulations you two. I will spend some time browsing but for now, I think this is a great endeavout. I hope it works well for you. – Carole Harmon, Photographer


Lovely! Thank you for including me! Trust you are both well and happy, Namaste - Suze Casey


Wow, how wonderful, amazing & beautiful! A very well created website indeed. You both have been rather busy - Love Tim McElroy

How beautiful this work is.  And this is such a lovely way of exhibiting it.  Jim, I was particularly touched by your print, Inventory Number: JM2016KB4S037 Collections: Kootenay Burn - A Four Seasons Series The moving water, and the passing of time...just breathtaking. Congratulations to both of you. Well done.  Much Love - Maria

Your work is beautiful!  Thanks for sending me some samples. - Nomi Kaplan, Photographer

Really enjoyed looking at your work and exhibition venues. - Keith Holmes, Painter

Thanks for the invite to view your new website. Well done! Nice to capture so much of your great work! - Deb Griffith

Congratulations! Beautiful job on this site! - Judy Berg

Thank you for sharing the link to your virtual gallery.  It’s great to see your work and Jim’s as well.  - Kathy Chernus, Painter

Congrats to you both..... Appreciate seeing the work and achievements... lovely.....Gregg  Turner

Lovely creations and your website is clear and succinct. Thanks you! - Brenda Braund-Read

Thanks for the invite and lovely to see your works of art! - Heather Krane

Thanx Carol. Glad to see you’re both so productive in these the dark days of the year. - Richard Lebeau

Congrats - Windy Kennedy

Very nicely done!! I wish i had an ounce of your talents - Georgie Marsh

Thank you for your invitation and congratulations on the opening of your online gallery! Good looking website and beautiful artwork. - Kimberley Arts Centre 64


Great diversity - love your use of colour and form!   - Brad Hill, Photographer


Carol’s work celebrates gentle power, abundant life, and joy” - Anne Jardine


Love your paintings very much. Well done Carol. Proud to be your cousin. - Sara Tichon


I absolutely love my prints of the Kootenay Burn !!  They are stunning and I'm so happy to have them in my home !!!  Thanks to Jim and his amazing talent !!! - Georgie Woodward Marsh 


It is so lovely, I am thrilled...I like this one because it seems to have depth to it, part of the earth, but not animals or birds or nature scenes... - Audrey Stetski

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